Before we dive in, it’s important to note, our 2019 CSA is NOW AVAILABLE! Read more and sign-up here!

Looking Ahead to the Warmer Weather

We may be in the middle of winter, but Mother Nature keeps playing tricks on us with the swings in the weather. As a harbinger of spring, all kinds of catalogs have been arriving at the farm, and what fun it is to think about the spring and all we will be planting. Our Director of Agriculture is hard at work finalizing our plans for CSA planting, and we’re excited to be able to share more on that with you very soon.

Pruning of the fruit trees is well under way, and a bit of a tease as the peach trees have developed a red hue, which means that the warm weather is affecting them. Realistically, we still have a couple of months of winter left, depending on whether or not you believe the groundhog!


New Things Brewing at Smolak Farms in 2019

A major project that we just got approval for is going to occur on our other property, Small Oxx Farm, which we purchased from the Curtis Family and is just down the road in Boxford. We are going to clear 15-20 acres on the upper end of the wide, pie-shaped property, with the goal of thinning out about 20 acres of woodland to make it healthier. We also hope this work will provide an ecosystem that will bring in wildlife attracted to the particular habitat.

We are looking into planting some innovative and not commonly grown crops such as chestnuts, haskaps, and honeyberries, as well as some Christmas Trees and a few other ideas we are developing. We also hope to have a greenhouse in place at Small Oxx Farm this spring (pending some approvals) so that we can add space for starting seeds and protecting weather-sensitive crops.

We are so excited about all that is to come for Smolak Farms in 2019, and hope that you are too! As always, we welcome any and all additional ideas and feedback, so if you ever want to get in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

I hope we’ll see you in the farm stand soon!