At Smolak Farms, we pride ourselves on offering pick-your-own crops. We typically start the year with strawberries, then cherries blueberries and raspberries, and peaches in the summer. We then move into the Fall with our #1 tradition of picking apples, and then run into pumpkins in October. Don’t forget, you can also pick out a fresh Christmas tree to finish out the year. The availability for each of these crops may vary from year to year, especially due to weather.

Here is the PYO scheduled based on the order of ripening. All dates are approximate.

Strawberries Mid June
Raspberries July – end of September or frost
Sweet Purple &
Tart Red Cherries
Late June – end of July
Blueberries Mid July – late August
Peaches August – mid September
Plums  Mid August – mid September
Apples  September – End of October
 Pumpkins Mid September  – October 31st
Christmas Trees Thanksgiving – Christmas