Farmer Smolak Update: August 2019

Farmer Smolak Update: August 2019

Fall is coming!

As summer starts to wind down, we’re enjoying an abundant, very sweet and very tasty crop of peaches and plums. We’ll soon wrap-up our successful Whim Dinner Series, and while it’s always bittersweet to move out of this season, we have much to look forward to. The apple trees are laden with fruit, and in fact due to ample rain, heat and sunshine these last months, it looks to be one of the best apple crops we’ve ever had!


Our animal area has some new additions, including Australian Swans, Nubian goats, Heritage Breeds of Turkeys, and Muscovey Ducks, with more coming in the next couple of weeks. The animal barns have all been painted, the grounds groomed, and more interactive activities added for kids. We have always tried to maintain a traditional farm atmosphere around here, and continue to work hard to be true to that mission.
The farm stand and bakery continue to produce ever-improving products, and I think they are some of the finest that we have ever offered. We experimented with the festival and food area during our recent Peach Festival which, in spite of the heat and humidity, was pretty successful with the addition of a Beer Garden and some outstanding food offerings.


We look forward to the future as always and appreciate feedback from our customers. We’ve worked recently to implement some very good suggestions from our community, and continue to make that a priority. In reality, we could not exist as a farm were it were not for our loyal customers and great staff.


On one final note, I have been barraged with a series of questions asking if Smolak Farms is for sale. Let me put that question to rest and tell you that it is not for sale. What is true is that we are looking to augment management of the business with a new general manager who will take much of the day to day responsibility off of my shoulders and hopefully be better at some of the logistical operations. Imagine my surprise getting emails asking for the price of the farm?! News to me and I hope that puts that rumor to rest!
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