Christmas Trees at Smolak Farms

Season Update: Thank you for a wonderful season. Our tree farm is closed, but we look forward to 2024.


Why Smolak Farms?

Smolak Farms is your destination for everything merry and bright.  We offer pre-cut and cut-your-own trees on our picturesque farm complete with our fallow deer.  We annually have cut Balsam and Frasier Firs from five feet and to a soaring 14 feet.  Our staff is happy to assist you in netting and securing your cut tree.

In addition to trees, we will have other seasonal items to make your home festive.  Whether it be wreaths, kissing balls or roping, we have something for every home.


  1. When you return home with your tree and you are not putting it inside, cut one half inch off the bottom of the tree, place the base of the tree in water, and store in a cool place. Make sure the tree always has an adequate supply of water.
  2. When you are ready to bring the tree inside, cut one half inch off the bottom of the tree then place the tree in a tree stand that has enough water holding capacity for the stem diameter of the tree. A rule of thumb is one quart of water per inch of diameter stem. Always make sure the water level is above the base of the tree or a partial seal will form and reduce additional water absorption.
  3. Information on the tree stand label for the amount of water that a tree stand holds is based on an empty tree stand. Manufacturers do not take into account displacement of water by the tree trunk.
  4. The best tree preservative is plain water.
  5. Place the tree away from all heat sources, make sure all lights are safe to use, avoid combustible decorations, and turn off tree lights when away from home or in bed.
  6. A tree with high moisture levels significantly reduces needle loss and is almost impossible to ignite.