Fall on the Farm and Halloween Hayrides

The warmth of summer is quickly turning into the cool crisp autumn that many of us New Englanders love. We have been very lucky with the weather this year, as it has been bright and sunny, especially on the weekends. Apple picking has brought in many folks to pick pumpkins and enjoy all of the other offerings the farm provides this time of year.

Our Halloween Character Hayride is in full swing with Bert and Ernie, Big Bird and many others greeting children and Trick or Treaters as they ride through the Farm. The air is full of squeals of delight and happiness from happy and delighted riders. Children (and even some parents!) come dressed in some amazing Halloween costumes as they enjoy the ride. It is an absolute treat to see these happy kids enjoying a day on the farm.



Gearing up for the Holidays and 2020 Planning

The farm is quickly refocusing as we look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are selling fresh turkeys (available for by pre-order) for Turkey Day, and I have to say there is nothing better than a fresh, never frozen, turkey. Our staff is also producing some wonderful sides to go with your own cooking (or with one of our Plainville Turkeys). Complementing the turkeys and sides are our wonderful pies that we make from scratch. If interested, make sure to get your orders in early. The recipes for these pies were developed by my sister, Eileen, who made the best pies around. I am of the mind that when someone can do something much better than you can yourself, why not take advantage and let them do it? It removes a lot of the stress of this food- and family-oriented holiday.

We are also looking forward to starting our planning for the 2020 season of CSA and pick-your-own at Smolak Farms and Small Oxx Farm, our other property just 1 ½ miles down the street in Boxford. Like many businesses, we reflect upon what has worked well and what we can improve in the coming year. This year has seen us overcoming some labor issues and infrastructure improvements. As always, we appreciate customer feedback, and we modify and adjust our planning based on what kinds of feedback we receive. We hope that we can continue to be an asset to our loyal customers, our town, and the region.

Happy Fall!

Farmer Smolak