Apple Season is finally here, and we have got a spectacular crop for you this season! The Apple Crop Scout we have says that this is the biggest and the best apple crop he has ever seen in years.

With these unusual times, we’re encouraging patrons to visit us during non-peak hours, to fully enjoy all the farm has to offer without all the crowds!

So we’ve compiled our best list of reasons to come pick on a weekday, some serious, and perhaps some a little silly… enjoy!

Reasons to visit and pick on a weekday

  • Far fewer people to contend with, and the virtual elimination of lines
  • It’s serves as a great “coffee break” from the monotonous schedule of remote working
  • Classes in this new hybrid model will allow time during the day to get the kids out with minimal socialization
  • Children can come and enjoy the farm, animals and hayrides
  • Weekday visits are a good chance to get away from the children and send them with the spouse/partner 😉
  • You might be able to lose your spouse or partner in the large orchards for a few moments of peace
  • A couple of hours on the farm will wear the children out
  • Your core group of families and children can come together
  • It’s a great excuse to get your other half to bond with your children
  • Children and adults can come out and learn a bit about Agriculture in a hands-on environment
  • Weekday activities like our popular Story & Craft can be added onto a visit for picking
  • The perfect opportunity to give your eyes something to feast on besides the computer!
  • Our low density orchard means more space to be socially distanced instead other high density orchards
  • A nice break in nature away from TV, the internet, and social media
  • A chance to meet Farmer Smolak and his crew when they are not as busy

A few notes about and rules to keep in mind for PYO apples this season:

  • Wearing masks and social distancing is required, even in the orchards
  • We encourage customers to come on weekdays when there are usually less people
  • There are 25 acres of orchard and we will be picking from different sections
  • Smolak Farms has lower density orchards (meaning there is more space between trees) and we have plenty of space to spread out
  • We expect to have apples until Halloween and maybe beyond

Check out our website at for picking conditions and activities as conditions can change often.