The Changing of Seasons at Smolak

The apples are off the trees and the frost has fallen on the few remaining pumpkins. This fall we were very fortunate with the weather and had a busy and consistent season. At a farm like ours, we are very dependent on these weekends in September and October to create a positive balance sheet ahead of the slower winter months. We had some challenges to deal with in 2019 besides the weather in terms of being very affected by the gas crisis as well as some structural and permitting issues, so we’re glad to be looking up.

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving, we are in full-swing getting Thanksgiving pies, sides, and turkeys prepped and ready to grace your table. If you need a shortcut for your Thanksgiving dinner this year, we can help! While that is going on, we’re also getting ready for Christmas and have a full slate of activities scheduled during the winter Holiday Season. It is always a joyous time of the year for us on the farm, as well as our customers. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves will be here running around creating fun for us all.

Looking Ahead at the Future of the Farm

We start at this time of the year on our planning process for the future. There are many factors we have to address in addition to working with Mother Nature, such as keeping and training good employees (and we have some great ones!), market changes, changes in taste, competition, and other market factors.

With this is mind, we would like to hear from you, our customers, to help guide our future and to make sure that our programs and activities are as good as they can be. If there’s something you’d like us to add around the farm, let us know! The truth is that without our loyal customers, farms like our cannot continue to exist.

I will leave you with a video of the farm that I would encourage you to watch, as it’s just a few minutes long and well worth it. This the reason that I and my family have worked so hard to have this incredible asset survive and be preserved long into the future.

Farmer Smolak


Smolak Farms – Demo Reel from Zach Lush on Vimeo.