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Farmer Smolak Update: December 2018

Winding Down from 2018

Around this time of the year, we start to wind down from a busy year on the farm, and start to look ahead to next year. As we start this process, we reflect on the people who have helped make this farm so successful, and such an asset to our community.

First of all, we have you to thank, our customers, and the real reason that the farm is still chugging along, year after year. We thank you for your support and patronage!

But I am also grateful for our fine staff of managers and employees, who work tirelessly day after day to make Smolak a wonderful place to be – both those on the team today, and those who have helped to build the business in the past.

Smolak Farms is now open all year long, which is a change from years past, and there are many things on the horizon that we’re excited to focus on in this slower season of the year!

What’s to Come in 2019

We’re excited to announce after a years-long project, we’ve launched our new website! Take a peek around and let us know what you think!

Here’s a look at some other additions and improvements to the farm that you can expect in 2019:

  • Grab and Go Food with a menu that changes weekly (see out website for the most up-to-date menu!)
  • An updated and improved CSA program
  • A revised schedule of events with some exciting new additions
  • Farm to Table Dinners in the Greenhouse and Farm Stand during the winter and early spring
  • Our Whim Dimmer Series returning for another year in 2019
  • Improvements to the Farm Stand, Kitchen and Greenhouse

We are also really looking forward to welcoming a few new team members who we know will make a huge different in how things are done at Smolak. More news to come on that front!

In the midst of this busy holiday season, we hope you’ll find some time to unwind, reminisce about all that 2018 brought, and all the good to come in 2019!

Happy Holidays from Our Farm Family to Yours!

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