8 August, 2023

PYO Raspberries Are Back

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The PYO Raspberries fields are open! On Wednesday, August 8th, we will have PYO Raspberries, PYO Blueberries and CYO Flowers open from 8am to 5pm. The final entry into the fields will be 4:15 p.m.

8 August, 2023

Summer Special Starts This Week

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We are excited to celebrate summer with two special opportunities. For every two points of PYO Blueberries you pick you get the third free. And for every two CYO Flowers - sunflowers and zinneas - you will get the third free.

24 July, 2023

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Breaking News! Starting today, we will be offering buy two Cut-Your-Own Sunflowers and get a third for free. A cool spring and a hot summer led to our flower fields exploding with beautiful abundance and we are excited to share that abundance with YOU. - Our fields are open daily from 8am to 5pm - The cost per sunflowers is $2 and $1 per stem for all other flowers - We provide cutting shears and baskets - Payment is taken after you enjoy your CYO experience See you soon!

14 June, 2023

Check Out This Week’s Meals-to-Go Menu (6/14 – 6/20)

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Take a break from the grocery store by letting us do the work! Stop by to pick up one of our Meals-to-Go that are available 7am to 6pm. This week's menu has something for everyone! Meals-to-Go Menu American Chop Suey Chicken Quesadilla Tuna Salad on Brioche Chicken Cranberry Salad Wrap Spring Time Salad Farmstand Chili Chicken Cranberry Salad Country Coleslaw Mac & Cheese Farm Stand Baked Beans Pizza Special Buffalo Chicken Desserts Specials Blueberry Cream Cheese Cake Seasonal Cupcakes Blueberry Bundt Cake Apple, Blueberry & Cherry Crisps Apple Caramel, Lemon Blueberry & Banana Choc Chip Tea Breads

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