Our work as stewards of the land is our passion and always ongoing. We are excited to announce exciting news about Small Oxx Farm!

Small Oxx Farm, located between Ipswich Road and Main Streets in Boxford, consists of approximately 50 acres of land. Of that land, approximately 10 acres is flat growing land, 15 acres is recently cleared land, and 25 acres is woodland with varying topography. It was purchased in 2004 from the Estate of Otis Curtis through and with concurrence of his daughter Janis Bailey. What was important to Otis and his family was that the property be used for agricultural purposes.

The measures taken to improve the property were removal of debris, installation of new wells for drip irrigation, evaluation and improvement of soil based on soil analysis, renovation of buildings, clearing of 15 acres of upland, thinning and improvement of the woodlands according to a Forest Management Plan, and the use of the flatlands for strawberries and CSA vegetables.

We are proceeding with a Federally funded Forest Stewardship and Bird Habitat assessment plans. The newly cleared upland has been planted with various grasses as a cover crop and the soil is stratifying which means establishing healthy layers of the soil. In keeping with my philosophy of being a steward of this property, Christmas Trees are going to be planted in the late Fall this year. This will help with carbon sequestration and keep the soil stable.

We are very grateful for the support of the community as we continue forward with continued optimism, and our belief that we have been true to our stewardship with this invaluable community asset.

– Michael Smolak