2016 PYO Update:

Apple picking open every day!

Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24:  Bridal Patch Orchard (details below)

Sunday, 9/25:  Old Standard Orchard (details below)

Apples at Smolak Farms by Sarah (1)


  • Apple picking open daily. 
  • Weekend PYO Hours:  8:30 – 4:30PM
  • Weekday PYO Hours:  9-5:30
  • Smolak Farms has several  apple orchards at the Farm
  • Orchards we are picking from may vary each weekend.
  • Details will be posted on website.
  • No entrance fee per person to enter orchards
  • Apple picking is by the container.  You purchase container prior to picking. picking.  Several people may share a container.
    • Peck size bags (10-12 lbs.) ~32 medium size apples:  $20
    • 1/2 Bushel bag (24 lbs) ~ 63 medium size apples:  $35
    • 1/2 Bushel Basket (about 75 apples) and the adorable apple basket is yours to keep.  $40
  • Weekday Orchard Location:  Bridal Patch Orchard.  Purchase bags outside of Farm Stand.  Directions to orchard:  Follow path behind the white barn until you arrive at the orchard area. 
  • Bridal Path Orchard contains:  
    • Cortland, McIntosh, Macoun, Golden Delicious, Imperial Red Macintosh, Paula Red, Puritan, Red Delicious, Gravenstein, Empire, Redmax, Northern Spy, Mitsu.
  • On weekends, attendants will be in front of the Orchards to assist you with Map of Orchard & List of apple varieties available in the Orchard.  Bags are purchased directly at the Orchard PYO station, NOT in the Farm Stand.  Cash & Credit accepted in the orchard.  Orchard locations vary.  See top of page.



Owner of Smolak Farms, H. Michael Smolak, Jr. is excited to announce that 2016 is the best apple crop in 20 years!

When people talk about Smolak Farms, they think of apples! You will not find as many varieties north of Boston as you will here! The crisp, freshness in every bite is what you will find with Smolak Farm’s apples!

Our Antique Apple Orchard includes 20 different varieties of apples arranged in 7 rows with 3 groups of 10 trees in each row. This orchard was planted in 1992 to help preserve some varieties that are not longer grown for commercial harvest.

Those varieties include: Chenango Strawberry, Sops of Wine, Cox Orange Pippen, Sheepnose, Smokehouse, Rhode Island Greening, Fameuse Snow, Golden Russet, Winter Banana, Spitzenberg, Seek No Further, Red Stayman, Granny Smith, Yellow Newton, Lady, James Grieve, Baldwin and Wolf River, Macoun and Cortland.

2016 Antique Orchard Update:  

Follow us on Facebook for exact date the Antique Orchard will be open.

Old Standard Orchard is located across the street from our parking lot.  It is the second orchard from which we pick.  Types of apples that you will find here are:  Cortland, MacIntosh, Mac Spur, Red Delicious, Mutsu, Granny Smith and Macoun.

The Proposal Tree Orchard is our newest orchard and it is located at the top of the hill from the Old Standard Orchard.  The apples that you will find in this orchard are:  Braeburn, Cameo, Cortland, Fuji, Jonagold and Shizukas.

Bridle Path Orchard is located behind our large white barn.  It is the first orchard of the season that we open.  The apples in this orchard are: Gravensteins, Macintosh, Macoun, Red Delicious, Northern Spy, Empire Imperial Red, Cortland and Mutsu.

Private Orchard is located behind our Old Standard Orchard.  This Orchard is full of Cortland and Macintosh apples.

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