Watch your child’s eyes light up when they come to visit the Smolak Farm’s animals! Llamas, alpacas, golden pheasants, fallow deer, peafowl, goats, zebu cow, chickens and so much more!

Stop by and get some grain for the animals…giving them a a treat is one way to give your children the all around farm experience. Please don’t mind our guinea hens as they roam free about the farm.

Do not be afraid if they are in the street – they will move! The guinea hens are great at keeping insects under control around the farm.images

Intro to Farm-gility
A 6 week introduction to the sport of Agility, with a fun farm DIY twist.  Featuring hoop work, tunnels, “hAy-frame”, and more!  Fun for all breeds, and experience levels.  Ages 6 months and up, vaccines required.  $120/6 consecutive 1-hr sessions.  Make ups available.
Farm-gility Membership
An ongoing drop-in program for graduates of our Intro class.  All Farm-gility equipment is open for use, design your own workout or stick with the trainer for new tricks and improving techniques.  $110/6 drop in sessions. 

Contact Jessica Bukovinsky for upcoming dates or questions