Woodman’s of Essex Whim Dinner Series Menu

Roasted Golden Beet Concaise/Salsa
scented with a variety of herbs & a touch of citrus
presented on crispy vegetable shards adorned with sheep’s milk cheese &
a drizzle of Meyer lemon syrup

Table Scape Presentation
House Made Chips, Grilled Flat Breads & Tortillas
woodman’s signature potato chips. chili lime flatbread & tri color tortillas
presented with roasted red pepper chipotle cream & guacamole

Bountiful Bread Basket
Popovers & Maple Cornbread
served with sweet butter

Garden Greens & Gatherings
Early Summer Vegetable Coleslaw
a potpourri of julienne harvest vegetables
embellished with Bayley Hazen blue cheese &
lightly drizzled with a rice wine cilantro vinaigrette

Entrée Mizo
Semifreddo Citrus Zabaglione

Principal Plate
Woodman’s 100-Mile Fin Fish Shellfish Roast
fresh native clams & mussels, day boat sea scallops, lobster cold water Atlantic line caught cod
open fire roasted in a saffron scented tomato fish broth served with spicy harissa & garlic laced aioli

Dessert Adventures
White Chocolate Strawberry Short Cake
a buttermilk white chocolate short cake
embellished with bright strawberries & scented cream