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Pick Your Own Potatoes

About Smolak Farms Potatoes

While our potato fields are closed, you can still get several different varieties of our farm-fresh potatoes in the farm stand in 5lb and 10lb bags, as well as loose by the pound. These potatoes were all grown at our Small Oxx Farm property, just down the road in Boxford. See below to learn about all about the different varieties we have!


buff skin, white flesh
Released in 1932 by the USDA and Maine, it is the standard to which all storage potatoes are compared. Mount Katahdin (Maine’s tallest peak at 5,267 feet) is famous for its vertigo-inducing “Knife Edge” trail. Whether you’re hungry from hiking or gardening, set a kitchen knife’s edge to Katahdin the potato and fill your belly with its warm comforting goodness.




Red Pontiac
red skin, white flesh
Red Pontiacs yield large round potatoes with attractive red skin and succulent white flesh that keeps moist all winter long. These multipurpose potatoes are great for the fresh market as they show few defects and continue to store.





Russet Burbank
russet skin, white flesh
Known to most as the Idaho Potato, the dry mealy texture makes it a trusty old favorite. A great baking or mashing potato; you’ll have the whole winter and spring to experiment in the kitchen.





buff skin, white flesh
The quintessential Maine potato. Very adaptable to various soil and growing conditions. Rugged, but sweet on the inside, just like a true Mainer.