Educational Farm Tours: Structural Design & Engineering

The design and implementation of interconnected systems that compliment and benefit one another is crucial to to the success of our farm. Balance between the human and pre-existing natural systems is key. Experience these processes in the following areas:

Landscape Design: Deciding where to place garden beds, sheds, animals, orchards, water sources, etc., is dependant upon many things including climate, terrain, symbiosis and more!  Take a hayride through the farm and observe the lay of the land, while studying charts of how the landscape and agricultural design has changed through the years! Enjoy a lesson based exercise and design your own landscape while enjoying a cup of cider and snack from our farmstand!

Structural Design & Building: The farm, like the land, is constantly evolving. Weather conditions, wear and tear & changing landscape and diversifying communities help dictate the ebb & flow of our farm’s needs. Take a hayride and learn the changing history of the structures on the farm, discuss areas in transformation, then take a stroll to a current structural project and take part in its completion! Top is off with a cup of cider and snack from our farmstand.

Designing & Implementing Systems: The efficient design and successful implementation of systems throughout the farm is of utmost importance.  Take a stop and go hayride through the farm to identify and examine the various systems we have in place…for example, the solar panels that pump water from the pond to the irrigation & natural water retention ponds that feed the strawberries that you pick each June! Discuss the philosophical and scientific approaches necessary in designing these systems, play lesson-based games and enjoy a cup of cider and snack from our farmstand!

Tools: Our farm’s most  important structures and systems could not exist without proper respect for, use and maintenance of natural and handmade tools. If you have a passion for tool craft, study and execution, this is the tour for you.  Take a hayride through the farm and learn the history of the many different types of tools used from colonial times through the present. Stop at the workshop for a brief show and tell of several different types of tools and their uses.  Engage in a lesson about tool-crafting and leave with a handmade tool of your very own while enjoying a cup of cider and snack from the farm stand!

Mapping: Scaling the landscape to paper is extremely important in agricultural planning and requires a vast knowledge of the land itself.  Take a hayride through the farm while studying different versions of maps of the land. Enjoy a brief discussion with the Agricultural manager, who will make us aware of new landscaping ideas that must be mapped.  Then engage in a map-making project that successfully outlines those new ideas while enjoying a cup of cider and snack from our farmstand!

Farm & Farm Stand Management: To manage a farm in its individual departments and in its entirety requires a multifaceted perspective, patience, creative problem solving, excellent communication skills, adaptability and a wide variety of skill sets.  Visit each department of the farm on this tour and speak with the managers of different departments! Take a hayride through the farm to observe and discuss how it all comes together. Play lesson-based games and enjoy a cup of cider and snack from our farm stand!


Smolak Farms strives to maintain high-quality educational programming. Due to an increase in expenses, we unfortunately have had to raise our costs to maintain the highest quality in educational tours. We thank you for understanding. Please see our new pricing lists below, which vary depending on season and content.

Structural Design & Engineering: $12/child with one free adult/teacher per group.