Educational Farm Tours: Farming & Agriculture

Agricultural manager Jeremy Tackett refers to the entire farm as ‘an organism,’ and within that organism lies the potential for hands-on exploration of  the following areas:

Bees & Beekeeping: Bees are one of the most important and underrated members of the farm community. Without bees, we would not have the delicious crops we crave all summer and fall, nor would we have a balanced ecosystem. Learn about the anatomy, habitat, behavior & function of bees, visit our bee hives, enjoy interactive games/lessons, make a beeswax candle and have some cider and a special snack as well! (available year-round – in winter months, hayrides are not available.)

Animal Husbandry:  Meet our wide variety of farm animals, discuss the ways they are integrated to the farm, their habitats, diets, life cycles and the way they are cared for on the farm.  Enjoy interaction with the animals, enjoy lesson-based games, work with some fiber from the sheep or llamas, have some cider and a special snack as well! (available year round – in winter months, hayrides are not available.)

Gardening: from seed to root to flower to fruit, learn all that it takes to garden and grow the variety of fruits and veggies we offer right here on the farm!  Learn about the life cycles of a variety of plants, and then come into our newly renovated greenhouse to do some planting of your own! Bring home your own planted starter seeds, play some lesson based games, and enjoy hot cider and a special snack! (available year round – in winter months, hayrides are not available.)

Composting: “There is no such thing as waste – just matter out of place.”  Composting is a necessity to ensure the health of our planet and farming practice. Learn about how your leftovers can help to regenerate the soil, which is vital to the health of our gardens and crops.  Visit our huge compost heaps and then learn how you can start a mini compost pile of your own in your own backyard! Make your own compost tea to bring home and water your indoor and outdoor plants with, play some lesson-based games, and enjoy hot cider and a special snack from the farmstand!

Herbalism: Discover the powerful ways of herbs, not only how they enhance our food, but the medicinal ways in which they improve the health of humans, animals and all farm life.  From lavender to mint to sage, explore the smells, textures and tastes of different herbs. Work with dried herbs to take your own herb sachet to take home and use for potpourri, eye pillows and more!  Enjoy lesson-based games and have some cider and a special snack from our farmstand.

Cooking: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates.  Explore the ways our food is grown, harvested and prepared, talk with our farmstand chef and have a mini cooking class and bring home your delicious creation!  Play lesson-based games and enjoy some cider an a special snack from the farmstand.

Trees: Learn about the many varieties of trees on our farm! Learn the ways that trees clean the air, combat climate change, provide food and shelter, prevent soil erosion, provide oxygen, help prevent water pollution and so much more!  Play lesson-based games, take on a tree crafting project, sample some maple syrup and enjoy some cider and a special snack from our farmstand!


Smolak Farms strives to maintain high-quality educational programming. Due to an increase in expenses, we unfortunately have had to raise our costs to maintain the highest quality in educational tours. We thank you for understanding. Please see our new pricing lists below, which vary depending on season and content.

Farming & Agricultural Tours: $12/child with one free adult/teacher per group.